07 October 2014

i just love these three. i have had so much fun photographing them for the past few years. it's so fun to see them grow and change.

06 October 2014

these dudes are a riot! so full of giggles and sweet little blue eyed faces. mayflower dairy was the perfect location for this beautiful family. it was wonderful to see you again kendra. love you and your awesome family.

05 October 2014

meet the oh so sweet J family. danella's mom was in town from new zealand, so we of course had to fit in a session before she went home. and i am so glad we did. such a fun family. thanks danella. it was lovely to meet you all.

04 October 2014

i think the thing i love most about my job is all the awesome people i get to meet. like this beautiful family. we had a blast in the lovely land of chambers bay walking and talking and getting to know each other. thank you rene for having me as your photographer. your family is amazing and i hope to see you again soon.
what a fun family. you can just feel the joy and happiness oozing from them. we had a blast at mayflower dairy on another beautiful day. so grateful for the chance to meet you and your family julie. and congratulations on expecting another new little one.

03 October 2014

little miss layla is such a spunky little one! she had me laughing running all over the place. i especially loved when she licked her dads head while getting a shoulder ride. haha. such a beautiful family. thanks so much bonnie and chris for letting me capture this time in your lives. hope you enjoy your pictures.