10 April 2008



1. Un lugar ideal de belleza o loveliness.
2. El estado de las delicias.

or for those of you who don't speak Spanish...


1. A place of ideal beauty or loveliness.
2. A state of delight.

Cheryl and Joseph had a destination wedding in paradise...also known as Sayulita, Mexico! It was beautiful, exotic, delightful, sincere, sandy, and surreal! Thank you so much Cheryl and Joseph for inviting me to share in this amazing day...well week really! I had a fabulous time {so did Evan, my husband/assistant} and you both looked wonderful. I wish you the very best this life has to offer! {and Cheryl, that picture of you laughing with your whole face, is probably one of my all time favorites! You look so excited and so happy!}

Oh, and I am just so excited to add Sayulita, Mexico to my list of destination weddings: Boston, Oregon, and now Mexico! Woohoo!

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Stacy said...


Stacy said...

Oh wait, I spelled that wrong! GORGEOUS!