20 May 2008



1. Pleasing and dignified in form or appearance.
2. Generous or copious.
3. Appropriate or fitting.

I know I know...handsome is so cliche! But it really is the perfect word for Landon's senior portraits. Of course he looks handsome and amazing, but he was also super generous and easy going. He would do anything I asked of him and responded with a simple "ok" and a smile! I loved it! We squeezed in this great photo shoot just 3 days before he left to serve a 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and he looked so great in his suit. Thanks for a great shoot and best of luck on your mission Landon!

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Emily, etc, etc said...

How fun to see Landon - I have to agree that handsome is the word for him! I am so excitd for him. And what great pictures!!!