16 September 2008



1. Inclined to undertake new and daring enterprises.

There are some really great perks to being a photographer. Meeting really cool people, and going to really cool places...just to name a few. Zerah and Sean are a great couple and I am so glad I got to meet and work with them. And Mineral, the town where the wedding was, is such a cute little town that I am glad I got to visit! Zerah and Sean are big hikers, so they had their wedding near Ranier, and it was beautiful! The ceremony was in a quaint little chapel that has been there forever, and their reception was in the local schoolhouse, which I thought was awesome! Thanks so much Zerah and Sean and congratulations again!

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Stacy said...

I thought I would just pop on here and see what you have been up to...seems like you didn't miss a beat after having a baby! I love the new banner!