19 February 2009

{oh by the way...}

so as you can see i have been a bit behind in posting lately! things have just been a bit busy. i just posted a few shoots, and still have a lot more to post, then shoot some more, and then post those...and then shoot a few weddings...! it's a fun, never ending cycle!

anyway. i just wanted to also point out that great things are happening over at my store. i am offering a ton of fun new products, and some old ones, so feel free to take a look and browse through the goods! it is still a work in progress, so not everything is posted yet...but i have never been good at waiting to tell fun news! be sure to check back often as i will be adding to it from time to time. and if you have any requests or ideas, please post them in the comment section here...or email me.

thanks so much for reading my blog! it makes me happy.

ok. just one more thing...be sure to join my new mailing list for updates, coupons, and more. just go to your right and scroll down a bit. you'll see it!

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Tyra said...

LOVE all the new posts, especially the angel wings and nakey bums!