27 February 2009

{put your best face forward}

so I have told some of you beautiful brides about camila, my super talented sister-in-law/hair stylist/makeup artist extraordinaire, and i just wanted to let everyone know there will be some updated pictures soon, as well as a price list. so, for anyone who is interested in putting their best face forward, contact me! she is available for most shoots! her portfolio will be updated soon under the "my associates" link above!

and...one more thing. {there's always one more thing!} i just wanted to remind everyone that my prices are changing a little bit starting march 1st. so if you want to have 2008 prices for your wedding or any other shoot, you need to book by then. but don't worry, they aren't changing a whole lot! and check out the store again in the next couple of weeks. i am adding beautiful canvas prints at amazing prices! also, i was just curious what kinds of things you would like to see in the store. please leave a comment or 2 just letting me know what you are interested in or any ideas you might have! thanks in advance for you input!

now on to the cute newbie session...

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