16 March 2009


1. to affect with great wonder.
2. astonish.

what more can i say. kelsey and vincent are an amazing couple. i am so happy that my husband and i met this great couple last summer. they are kind, genuine, and soooo fun! and their wedding was amazing as well. {i know. this post if forever late. their wedding was in january...you can see how backed up i am!!!} they had beautiful colors, great food, fabulous guests, fun families, and are such a cute couple. evan and i are so glad we know you guys! can't wait to go to dinner again. oh, and see your wedding video! thanks so much kelsey and vincent. we wish you all the best! and you better call me when you start having cute babies!!!

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Tyra said...

absolutely beautiful! you did an awesome job! gotta love that 50mm, huh?

Mrs. McGee said...

Yes!!! We made the blog!! :) Again thank you so much!! I couldn't be happier with these pics!! :) We'll be sure to call you when we start with the little ones! (Won't be for a while though so we'll have to plan a dinner again soon!!)

Lilly Lynn Events said...

This wedding is beautiful!! Where was it at?