01 May 2009

{$50 off any session}

it's happens to be my 5 year anniversary today...and to celebrate i am offering $50 off any session for today...and the whole entire month of may!

here's a little hint: if you don't want a session until june or july, you can just get a gift certificate and redeem it at any time! pretty cool, eh!

and...here's another little something something. want another $5 dollars off? then just sign up for my email list on your right and you will get a coupon in the "mail".

but wait...there's more! put a link to Heather Mann Photography on your blog or facebook, and get 50% off prints. (just make sure to let me know you did by leaving a comment) i mean really. can it get any better than that!

ok fine. i'll throw in a free 8x10 print for anyone who orders a gift certificate!

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Cristina said...

Happy Anniversary!

Nerissa said...

Wow five years!!! Congrats!! :]

Kelli said...

Heather - you are the best. No, really. Your vision in photography never ceases to amaze, and you are probably one of the smartest business owners I know. THANK YOU! (And Happy Anniversary - so glad you are capturing our wedding in your special month!)

Megan said...

Hi Heather,
I found your website through the Little Birdie Secrets blog and was really excited to learn that you are in the Seattle/Puyallup area - especially when I saw how talented you are! I'll be talking to my hubby about buying a gift certificate for family pictures this summer. Happy anniversary!
P.S. I posted a link to your website on my blog.

Heather said...

hi megan! so glad you found my blog! can't wait to do a session with you!!! and thanks for adding the link...i will make sure to give you 50% off your prints!
thanks again!