22 May 2009

heather mann photography | tacoma engagement photographer

1. sincere.
2. genuine.
3. true.

sara and rick are 2 of the nicest people, and they are both such real, happy people. i love working with happy people. rick (my husband's cousin) and sara came down form spokane for the weekend and i was so worried because it rained the whole entire time they were here. while they were getting ready for our session. it rained. while we went out to dinner. it rained. and we are not talking light rain either! but as soon as we were done eating and drove down to the water front the clouds parted and we got some beautiful skies just in time for our session! i love it when things work out, especially since they drove so far! can't wait till august to shoot your wedding in spokane. and thanks so much for coming all the way over here! my whole family had a blast having you guys here!

i always love this reaction when i ask for "serious face"...

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Kim - Lilly Lynn Events said...

I love the train tracks in the pictures! Do you go to a certian area? Also love the ruffle white shirt she has on!