10 June 2009

heather mann photography | seattle engagement photographer

1. genuine and honest.
2. true.

meet amy and jason. they really are 2 of the nicest, most sincere people around. both so kind and so obviously in love! i had a great time with this couple in seattle. can't wait to celebrate with you guys on your wedding day!

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Tasha Christensen said...

Love your pictures! Got your website from friends in WA - I am over in Denver - Love them! I am a budding photographer - if you would like to check out my website as well. (has not been launched yet - working to get it ready) Great work! Would love to know how did your splash page and who your blog is thru!? Love your website and blog! You are great!

Heather said...

hi tasha. thanks for taking a look at my work! it's always fun to hear from other professionals. and your work is beautiful...and i love your company name.
so i just designed my splash page on photoshop and uploaded it into my webpage. and my blog is just through blogspot. i do all my own designs and behind the scenes html work. it takes forever, but i really like it! i am still working on updating my website too. i can never seem to make up my mind!!!