17 September 2009

now accepting applications...

Summer 2010 is filling fast and Heather Mann Photography is now accepting applications for 3 more associate photographers. If you are interested in a position please email Heather at HeatherMannPhotography@gmail.com for more details and to set up interview times.


  • all applicants must have their own professional digital camera equipment including lenses and off camera flashes.

  • all applicants must submit a variety of images they themselves have taken. via website or email.

  • all applicants must live in or around puyallup/tacoma area.
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    Coleson's Blog said...

    mmm...how much do you need to know (or will it be learned?)about settings, etc. and what camera preference do you have? ...more details please ;)

    Heather said...

    hi kristal! so, if you wanted to be an associate right away, you would need to have full knowledge of your camera and your equipment (which i don't have a preference of).

    or, there is also the option of taking my classes that will hopefully be offered soon, and then you can sign up to be an associate photographer next summer.

    you interested?

    Coleson's Blog said...

    I am interested...I have alot to learn but really enjoy taking pictures (of my boys, good practice ;) ) and know some but probably not enough about the camera/equipment right now. We are looking at cameras and would like to get something, soonish. Right now I just have my parents camera which isnt really "pro like" ...I would most defintely want to take a class or two... so keep me/your blog posted on those!