05 January 2010

heather mann photography | puyallup senior photographer

i love seniors. especially ones that are totally awesome and have such a great style! thanks so much kathryn for meeting up with me. i had such a have a fun time walking around puyallup with you! hope this year is awesome for ya!

um...is it just me or do i use exclamation points ridiculously way too much!!!
on second thought...you can never be too excited!!!

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Julie Vance said...

Heather, these are beautiful! You are such an amazing photographer!!!

Tishelle Ward said...

These are just great! I and I do have to agree that she has amazing style:)

Heather said...

oh. you guys are making me blush!!! thanks so much!

Evan said...

Hey love. Impressive work. Oh and I love you!