25 July 2010

this is one of my best friends julie and her cute family. julie and i met when both our families went skiing in Germany when we were like 5 years old. we were in the same ski school class together, and yes, i got the gold medal. then, years later, we went to the same high school and danced on the same dance team (yes, i am proud that i was on rogers dance team!), and then became roommates in college, and were in each other's weddings. i still think it is so funny that she is in our family picture albums when we were 5! crazy story. one of my favorites.
annnnnyways. back to the point. julie, matt, carter and i had a blast walking around puyallup. such a cute little family. even though carter was a little under the weather, he did awesome! thanks so much you guys. you know i love you!

and yes. this picture is a little random and slightly creepy. but at the time we thought it was hilarious!

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Matt & Julie Vance said...

Heather you are amazing! I love you and love your work. You did such a great job with a sick baby who refused to smile! Thank you so much, it means so much to us to have these photos and loved every second with you during the shoot.