16 August 2010

this girl is just stunning. all i know is that i didn't look anywhere near this beautiful when i was a senior! (it didn't help that i had braces either!) plus, she is super cool and i had a blast on our session. i was able to shoot her brother's senior portraits a few years ago, and then the whole families portraits last year, then caitlin's senior portraits, and next week, the family is due for another session! i love it! such a fabulous family...with such fabulous teeth!

puyallup senior portrait photographer5puyallup senior portrait photographer10puyallup senior portrait photographer9puyallup senior portrait photographer7puyallup senior portrait photographer6puyallup senior portrait photographer4puyallup senior portrait photographer11puyallup senior portrait photographer3puyallup senior portrait photographer2puyallup senior portrait photographer1

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ninaf said...

Shes beautiful! Super sweet session.

The Sievers said...

She is pretty! Love the freckles. Great pictures once again!