25 November 2010

black friday sale...except today is thursday!


i figured all the stores are having awesome sales...so i should too! take advantage of this special offer and be sure to let all your friends and family know about it too. i would be so very thankful! happy thanksgiving.

to view available package prices and options,
please visit my website www.HeatherMannPhotography.com. or click HERE.

enter your name for a chance to win a FREE canvas print of your choice.

here's how to enter:
1. post a link to this post on your blog or facebook page. in your post, be sure to mention the black friday sale and extra bonus.
2. leave a comment here letting me know you did, and where you did.
3. if you post on multiple places, you get your name entered for each one.
4. if you purchase a sale session above, your name will be entered into the contest.
5. if you refer someone who purchases a sale session, your name will be entered again. just be sure to let me know who you referred.

1. the canvas print can be from a past session or a future session.
2. canvas print can be up to size 16x20.
3. winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced on November 28th.


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Team Lakin said...

Canvas print... sounds awesome!

I posted a link to your blog on our blog.


The Sievers said...

ok, i left a post on my FB and blog (does that mean I'm entered twice??!?!) :) i'd like to get a gift for a belly session for a friend, but need something in between the price list you have...and the shoot would be in feb sometime. let me know what we can work out! yay!

Hannah said...

I posted a link on my facebook :)
~Hannah Bate

Clark said...

I posted a link to your blog on my facebook page Clark did too!!! By the way tell Evan he did an amazing job with our wedding photos!! I love looking at them and it is SOOOOO hard to choose which ones we want!!!

Heather said...

oh kaylen, evan and i are so glad you like your photos! and super glad everyone has entered our contest!!!

Hailey said...

Posted a link on my facebook. Hope I win!

Kimberley said...

Posted to my fb :)