10 May 2011

book your session all by yourself!

 it's true. up at the top of this blog you can see a button to "book your session". so don't hesitate, book your own session today. plus, you can choose to pay for your session when you book, or when your session takes place. it's all very exciting!!!

* for all of you who have purchased sale sessions, especially the black friday sale, you should book your sessions as soon as possible.

most of the time the slot you choose will be just fine. sometimes, however, another session has been booked prior and hasn't been marked on the calendar. i try to keep it up to date, but you know how things get!!!

oh. and tell me how you feel about the logo above. i am just thinking of changing things ever so slightly. hate it? love it? don't care? like the old one better? what?

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