28 September 2011

i mean come on...obviously this couple is awesome. there was star wars involved in their wedding! no, but really though, naomi and martin really are awesome. i loved every detail of their wedding day from the photo booth, the star-ship enterprise tie pin, storm trooper cuff links, paper umbrellas, to the tons of paper cranes that naomi made by hand. all of it was beautiful! thanks so much naomi and martin for inviting me to celebrate your day with you. and check back soon for more fun pictures from this cute couple!

to view the entire event and order prints, click HERE.
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Megan said...

Beautiful photos. The photoshoot looks fun. :) I love those masks and parasols. Great wedding idea. :)

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Wenni Donna said...

Indeed a magnificent post! The couple looks charming in these wedding photos. Pleased that you shared these pictures here. Seems like both enjoyed a lot in ceremony. We just got engaged and planning to get married soon at domestic San Francisco wedding venues.