09 May 2012

i sort of lucked into shooting this beautiful wedding. and i am so happy i did. this gorgeous couple's original photographer was 19 weeks along in her pregnancy and was unfortunately put on bed rest. so, sarah asked me if i was available, and luckily i was. the funny thing is, i had to tell her i was pregnant also. at the time i was just about 9 months! so she went from one pregnant photographer to another. i assured sarah that i wouldn't have my baby at her wedding! i had some serious braxton hicks the morning of her wedding, and was nervous i would go into labor during their vows or something! so my sweet husband evan came with me. it was a crazy spring day too. we had all kinds of weather. sun, wind, rain, hail, downpour, back to sun, some snow and some clouds too. so i am sure you can imagine how awesome we looked with the bride and groom, a very pregnant me, and the whole wedding party running in and out of buildings! we were all over the place. it was awesome! thanks so much devin and sarah. evan and i wish you all the best!

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