31 August 2012

another great session with another totally awesome family. and i mean come on. how cute are these boys. they each have such awesome little personalities and i loved this session because of them! plus, i love caprice and jonathan and i always love spending time with this family. thanks caprice and jonathan for letting me capture some moments of your truly beautiful family. love you guys!

and by the way. how many boy mom's are out there?  i feel like there are so many more boys in the world lately than girls. i can count in my head about 10 or 11 boy only moms that i personally know! and they each have at least 3 boys. that's a lot of boys!!! it's a good thing there are girl only families out there to even the odds a bit!!! or close to girl only families like the family in the post below this one!!! and now i am rambling. and now i am done! well almost done!  HOORAY FOR BOYS!!!! ok. now i am done.

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Jon and Caprice said...

My heart absolutely melts when I see these pictures of my babies. Thank you so much, we all had a great time doing this. You absolutely rock!