20 March 2013

sooooo. i am about to admit something that i have never really admitted. but...i think engagements might be my favorite sessions to shoot. don't get me wrong, i absolutely love everything i do of course...but there is just something so exciting about engagements. i get to capture all these cute couples at the very beginning of their lives together. i get to see them while they are still in that lovey dovey awkward phase, wide eyed and full of excitement and overflowing with love...not that that ever goes away, but it changes a bit. do you know what i mean? probably not...because i am terrible with words, which is why i am a photographer and not a writer! anyway. i adored my session with these two and am totally looking forward to more dreamy pictures with them at their upcoming wedding this august. thanks nicolas and natalie!

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B Mann said...

Love these!