30 April 2013

woa people. 2013. TWO THOUSAND THIRTEEN. it's like we are in the future. i actually wrote 2010 on a check the other day. rediculous. i know. but i did. i graduated in 2000, so 2013 makes me feel like i am getting old. yikes. but my husband graduated in 1997, so no matter how old i feel, he will always be older! ;)
this is josh. he is awesome. we had the BEST time roaming around downtown puyallup being fabulous! i knew it was gonna be a fun session when he showed up in a tux and sunglasses...james bond style!!! thanks for a great session josh. i had a blast.

to view the entire session and order prints click HERE.

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Shila said...

Those are amazing! Josh looks so cool!