13 May 2013

katie. class of 2013.

meet katie. she is just beautiful, inside and out. i had a blast with her senior session at her grandma's amazing property. thanks for such a great time katie. and congratulations on your senior year. wahooo!

by the way. is it just me, or do seniors look more and more amazing, beautiful, and grown up? i did not look anywhere near this good when i was in highschool. i looked like i was 12 when i graduated. not joking either. i mean...the braces probably didn't help much. i need to find my senior pictures just so you can see the awkwardness.

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Karen said...

Such lovely pictures and your right she looks lovely, I swear when I was her age I was hiding behind my fringe and avoiding eye contact lol


B Mann said...

Beautiful! And I totally agree. I think the same thing all the time about teenagers today, so stylish and good at makeup! I'm still struggling with that stuff. 😊