24 May 2013

justin bieber spencer and i had a rad time with his session in tacoma. i just love my job. have i said that before? cause i do. i get to walk around and chat with such cool people. and spencer and his cute mom were some pretty cool people. plus, we were super lucky with the weather too. it was on one of those "supposed to be rainy but really was sunny" days and we decided to just go for it. we did have a huge ominous black thunder cloud that we thought for sure would rain down on us, but luckily it didn't. thanks so much spencer. it was a blast meeting you!

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B Mann said...

Hello Seventeen Magazine spread! Haha... You really do seem to have so much fun with your clients. Love that about you.

Annie Nelson said...

He totally looks like biebs!! That's amazing! And you're amazing.